About Us

Founded in 2015, Coco Au Lait offers a new, pointer, colorful product, with a lot of unusual printing, made with the highest quality and design.

We are proud to say we are avid risk takers and pioneers in Mexico’s kids fashion industry. We are the first Mexican children's brand that has placed itself on an international platform and we take pride in the fact that we have been paving the way for other Latin American companies striving for the same.

We have a brand that inspires playfulness and wit. Our unique prints and patterns that change with each collection are ushered by a unique theme, one that we believe to be worthy of a conversation. Coco Au Lait has stayed true to its creation mantra which is to fuse Latin colors and embroideries with European design. The result has proven to make us not only a unique and universally appealing brand, but one whose impact can go beyond fashion.

Our brand has given us a platform where we have been able to discourse with our communities on subjects ranging from the importance of child safety (not talking to strangers) to being kind to the environment to buying local product...