About Us

Hello there! My name is Erica, mom of three and founder of Coco Au Lait. 

As a Mom, I’ve always approached dressing my children as a playful art, constantly searching for high-quality and fun pieces that also looked good. And most of all, pieces that my kids liked and that felt comfortable for them. The thing is… finding such options in Mexico, my home country, has always been a challenge! 

That’s how Coco Au Lait came to life, in 2015, with a clear mission to go beyond conventional children’s fashion.

Believe it or not, I don’t have a background in fashion. In fact, I don’t consider myself a fashion designer; I’m an architect, and I have worked in that field for a very long time. I love colors, textures, and structures; that’s what I pay the most attention to when designing a collection. 

Throughout the years, I’ve been fortunate to have a team of passionate women join me—Marta, Lisi and Adriana from Spain, and Roberta and Marilyn from Mexico. Together, we share a common goal: to celebrate the richness of Mexican culture through distinctive, high-quality styles. Our brand is a unique fusion of Mexican hearts and European minds.

Bold, authentic, and nostalgic, we value versatility, adapting to every occasion and lifestyle. We believe in the importance of preserving tradition while embracing culture and innovation. Our garments express identity, bridging the past and the future. 

Fast forward to todaytwo Junior Design Awards and one Milk Japon Award laterand here we are, with our stores gracing locations all around the world. From the United States to Italy, Japan, Belgium, South Korea, Qatar, and of course, Mexicowhere it all started. 

Coco Au Lait is premium and eco-friendly

Now… What makes us so special, you may ask? 

We want to challenge the norms of children’s fashion by offering timeless, eco-friendly designs that prioritize your child’s comfort and safety. Children are very practical; they want comfortable clothes. 

  • We are proud to offer garments free from harmful chemicals and pesticides

  • Our selection includes premium materials, with 100% organic cotton double gauze and yarn, 100% viscose poplin, and locally produced premium knit and fleece from Barcelona.

  • While working with suppliers in Mataró and Sabadell, Spain, we are committed to bringing production as close to us as possible. Our printed garments, dyed with GOTS Certification, come from a Barcelona fabric house with local production. Knitted pieces are crafted in Sabadell, using organic cotton thread from Italy. 

  • We also produce a small but nevertheless important part of the collection in Peru, mostly garments with handmade crochet details using tangüis cotton.

At Coco Au Lait, exquisite clothing and accessories blend quality, functionality, and style for babies and children. Our vision is to bring this universe to homes worldwide, sharing our story through each garment and opening the door to other brands seeking the diversity of customs and traditions that enrich our world.

Welcome to Coco au Lait, where fashion meets history, and magic merges with reality!