Rarámuri influence, <br>going back to our roots.

Rarámuri influence, <br>going back to our roots.

The Tarahumara or Rarámuris are one of the most representative ethnic groups of northern Mexico. The term rarámuri means "the light footed" or "runners on foot".

In many communities, the Tarahumara have adopted Western dress. However, they still retain traditional dress, preferably in the case of men, and always in the case of women. The brightly coloured blouses or shirts printed, sometimes flowered, blouses or shirts are worn by both and women. 

As skirts are very much appreciated women who wear many at a time, one on top of the other, which gives it that beautifully fluffy appearance. It serves her as an ornament, as a coat and moreover, it seems to wrap her in a thousand colours. They are woven with their own patterns and are used to hold up trousers, shoes and skirts. 

 As you can see, we always love to search in our traditions, which makes us who we are in our essence, to enhance it as much as possible and give it a twist, taking it to our own terrain. 

In this summer 2021 collection we have simplified the Tarahumara concept to reach our public In a simple way. Embroidery technique that predominates in triangular geometric shapes, highlighting the traditional puffed sleeves of the blouse and the dress, the vibrant colours and the 100% organic cotton based on the identify of this culture dating back to the 15th century. 


Photos : @anouk_nitsche / @paotrespa / @davidpellicer
Text : Erica Elias
Text info: wikipedia / erevista.uacj.mx / nytimes


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