About Us


Mexico and Spain reflecting
the wealth of our cultures

Founded in 2015, Coco Au Lait offers a new, pointer, colorful product, with a lot of unusual printing, made with the highest quality and design.

This whole adventure begins when this couple, on a trip with friends, start talking about the difficulty of finding clothes for their children that were special, fitted perfectly, and would not be super expensive.

Coco Au Lait is pronounced: coco-olé and we are a
Spanish - Mexican children's clothing brand.

A Modern and Mixed Brand

A label that perfectly identifies this brand. A mix of cultures. Little by little, the idea of creating a brand of its own began to grow. Something different from what was on the market. They decided to incorporate those colors and embroideries that we have in Mexico into an impeccable cut like the European one. This is how Coco Au Lait was born.

Una marca mestiza y moderna

hecho con amor desde perú

Made with Love from Peru

We produce in Peru, for being recognized for its workmanship and quality in textiles. Our designs are homemade from scratch. Part of creating a brand is designing the details that we are excited to find in our children's clothing. All the patterns are original and we are excited to capture them in textile.

Seasonality and Novelty

Every season we are inspired by the adventures and curiosities of the little ones, the colors we use represent our values as a brand and we want to do it in an entertaining way for ourselves and for our clients as well. Blouses, pants, jumpers, shorts and accessories are part of each collection, we are excited to design clothes with character and functionality.

Estacional y novedad