Our Creative Process In This Collection ...

Our Creative Process In This Collection ...

Our creative process in this collection

Always comes of the inspiration of our own experiences. In this collection we wanted to promote respect, not only towards others but also towards us, the practice of self-love and appreciation. We consider that individuality is the key to reflection and that uniqueness is what helps us project what we focus on within. Through our heart we reflect our living soul; inner beauty, our thoughts, compassion and empathy towards others.

As every season we have given priority to our prints based on everything we want to reflect, a bit of tradition, contemporaneity, fun and creativity.
All of them can be combined with each other, thanks to a very studied color range that transports us to a state of energy and optimism.

We are a multidisciplinary team that nurtures each other in each of the areas of the company.
The conceptualization and design of the collection has been done in Portugal. We are inspired above all by nature and everything that surprises us.

We love discovering color combinations that work and that we do not have pre-established in our daily lives.

Our mantra is to blend Latin colors and embroidery with European design!


Fotos by : Georgina Lucca
Text : Erica Elias

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